PLAY+SOLID aims to enrich the material complexity and variety of environments for young children, introducing a variety of finishings in places that are often composed of few materials. A rich material landscape supports children in their learning adventure and in constructing their identities, helping them to hone their sensory perceptions and develop synesthetic abilities.

PLAY+SOLID introduces a range of colors that are sunny and bright, though with medium saturation, that play on various shades. The colors are designed to be mixed and matched or used in a single chromatic range, with an overtone effect. Our aim is to improve children’s chromatic landscape and provide colors that are not banal, far from the simplified world of red-yellow-blue, with confidence in a competent child who has a thousand languages.

PLAY+SOLID proposes furnishings that can be transformed, moved, opened and closed. Our objective is to support flexible settings of the school environment, to provide various ways to facilitate flexible use of environments for young children: places that host a variety of activities, often diametrically opposed, over the span of the same day and during the year.

PLAY+SOLID presents furnishings that are totally safe, given that they follow all relevant codes and certifications and are designed according to the Design4all approach.

PLAY+SOLID is a range in which numerous designers from different countries have participated. The presence of different designers, coordinated by a single art direction and by the pedagogical consultants, ensures many different points of view and thus a way of “listening to” and confronting the environment for young children from different perspectives and cultures, consequently enriching it.

PLAY+SOLID is designed to have a recognizable mark, a strong iconic impact, which expresses the pedagogical underpinnings as well as the idea of a child that the range aims to foster. We want our furnishings to embody a sort of genetic code that expresses a precise identity and can possibly influence the environments in which they are situated as well as the activities they support.

PLAY+SOLID aims to carry on the research of the project Children, spaces, relations – metaproject for an environment for young children, giving it continuity through the art direction and acting as a support to the activities of a pedagogy of relationships, listening, and project orientation, in support of children’s self-learning processes.