PLAY+ is a furniture range for children based on design and pedagogy in dialogue.

PLAY+ furniture is conceived according to children’s age and their degree of autonomy and plays a key-role in making the space “the third teacher”: it is an important educational tool, that foster innovation and uniqueness.

PLAY+ and pedagogy

PLAY+ is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and by the research carried out in Reggio Emilia’s Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools on designing environments for young children and by the metaproject Children, Spaces, Relations (Domus Academy, Reggio Children, 1998).
The Play+ project began in 2001 with the art direction of ZPZ Partners and the work of 32 designers from all over the world. It is based on the conviction that an environment for children should not be considered merely as a “backdrop” to a series of activities, an accessory and secondary element, but rather as a protagonist in the construction of the identity of each child and each one of us: an essential element of the pedagogical project, which it both supports and represents.


PLAY+ offers two integrated ranges of furniture: PLAY+SOFT and PLAY+ SOLID, consisting of soft elements and solid elements that aim to create a system for using space that mediates between architecture and children’s activities. All furniture defines and characterizes the points of interest that promote the activities of small groups. PLAY+ furnishings work at giving substance to possibility, at sparking relations, like enzymes or spatial tools.

PLAY+ for a multisensorial environment

Children are like a sensory laboratory. They have a synesthetic knowledge in which each sense activates others: they touch the light, they see smells, they listen to temperature. Schools, and environments for children in general, should be places of sensory exploration that foster children’s self-learning. Places that can support and stimulate the individual and forge different paths of growth and development.

PLAY+ for a child-centered city

PLAY+ furniture is conceived for all places in a city inhabited by children: not only nurseries, infant toddler centers, preschools and child care centers, but also commercial areas, restaurants, hotels, airports, waiting areas and private homes. Our desire is that PLAY+ furnishings contribute to creating environments for children that are beautiful, enjoyable and multisensorial.

PLAY+ Art Direction
Michele Zini , Claudia Zoboli – ZPZ PARTNERS